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Business & Education Committee

We promote relationships between school districts in the region and the business communities by making resources available that encourage a better understanding of the free enterprise system, the freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal government regulation. Our Chamber organizes student job shadowing, a career symposium, work place tours and other programs to enhance student awareness of job opportunities and employer needs.

School Counts!


Why? Because Future Employers care if their potential employees get good grades, have a strong work ethic, are not chronically absent, finish what they started and show up to school on time.

How do you show an employer that you are a qualified employee for their business?

One way is to participate and pledge to earn a certificate from the School Counts! Program.

What are the School Counts! Criteria?

• Obtain a grade of ‘C’ or better in every course
• Achieve a 95% attendance rate and punctuality record
• Completed high school in eight consecutive semesters
• Taken more than the minimum graduation requirements
• Demonstrate positive behavior including no out of school suspensions
There are four annual School Counts! Credentials 9th through 12th grade-- one for each year of high school. If you earn all four of the annual credentials, you will be eligible for the School Counts! Graduate Credential.

Work Place Tours



This activity gives participants and teachers a firsthand look at life in the “real world.”

Job Shadow


The Job Shadow Program is a well informed program for our youth to participate in for understanding of possible future career endeavors is critical. This activity will help students define workplace likes and dislikes and focus on a career choice.


Career Symposium



A Career Symposium is held every year. The activity has always included a Career Fair portion where vendors would set up to present their information and a Career Presentation portion where we bring in speakers that present brief speeches and presentations on many opportunities. There are also one or two main speakers who would address the students.

In Need of Internship



The Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce is partnering with our local colleges and universities to help place students in internships and to give them job shadowing experiences. If you have thought about taking on an internship, or if you are required to obtain one for college credit please consider calling us for assistance.

For more information on any of these programs please contact Whitney Fetterman at or call 570-648-4675.

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